One alternative to anticipate the limited supply of electricity from PT Indonesia Power is utilize the resources that are around us, ie; water. Program Micro Hydro Power Electricity (MHP) which has been implemented is an answer to the contribution of water resources as a source of electrical energy in efforts to achieving self-sufficient energy of Sambirata village Cilongok Banyumas.

This research method using qualitative approach with explorative method to determine the problems solving through communication strategies to achieving villages of self-sufficient energy through the Micro Hydro Power (MHP), which is managed by an electric cooperative in the village Sidopadang Sambirata Cilongok Banyumas. Data collects through in-depth interviews, focus group discussion (FGD). The informants selection is used purposive technique. The informants are the head of Sambirata village, the chairman and board of Cooperative Sidopadang and people who use micro hydro power in Sambirata village.

The results show that to increase the capacity of community in achievement to village self-suffiencent energy through Micro Hydro Power (MHP), is managed by Sidopadang electric cooperatives. Then the communication strategies to gain the public participation to achieving the seft sufficient energy of village, are use the communication channels as a community meeting every 9th of each month, and use opinion leader as chairman of the cooperative Sido Padang. Openness and awareness of the community in conserving water then contribute monthly dues for turbine maintenance, has guarantee the electric distribution always available.


Keyword: communication strategy, empowerment, seft sufficient energy

Tentang agoengnoegroho

Lecturer of communication department Jenderal Soedirman University
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