Mobilphone communication technologies can be used to phone, write   a short message, and also to send images, and the latest fiture of mobilephone with 3G technology, we can use to communicate face to face or see the other person’s face, chat, send e-mail, and use to access the internet. Almost all the teenagers in big cities in Indonesia have a mobile phone.

This paper  will explore the use of information and counseling on reproductive health by the teens via Internet media. The phenomenon of the many teenagers who  download the porn video  via Internet on computers and mobilephones, has served the background to know how the most problem of internet media is used by teenagers to obtain the information about adolescent reproductive health.

The results show that there are many sites that provide information and consulting services regarding reproductive health of adolescents in Indonesia, for example,,,, and etc. The category of interactivity, all of the sites already serving interactive  reproductive  health  consultations  via  electronic  mail or e-mail and provide adolescent reproductive health consultations through an interactive discussion forum on the internet.

The problem is the interest of adolescent to take advantage of sites that related to reproductive health through the internet media. The assume that the tendency of adolescents reproductive health is very  privacy, so they more prefer to the teachers, or ask the medicals to consult of adolescents reproductive health.

Keyword: Internet, accessibility, adolescent reproductive health, teenagers


The phenomenon of the teenager exploring of sex to access porn sites and download images or video scenes “erotic-sex” is many occur  in Indonesia. As reported in in July 2010 entitled: 7 of 8 Teens Save Video Porno ‘Ariel’, the numbers of teens abuzz downloading video via the internet on a computer or mobile phone. To spread it is also very easy, ie using bluetooth facility or between mobile multi-media message sent to friends.

Mobilphone as a communications technology, which has attributes such as practical and can be taken anywhere (mobilphone), sophisticated, we can use to call, write a short message, and also to send a photo. The latest fiture of handphones can use to communicate and see the other person’s face, chat, send e-mail, and used to access the internet.

Communication technology equipment is defined as hardware, organizational structure, and social values ​​in which individuals collect, process and exchange information with other individuals (Roger, 1986 in Noegroho, 2010b). The social role of communication technology today has added the concept of real social networking in the community with social networking virtual world or cyberspace.

Recent data on the use of internet facilities through the mobile phone becomes to speed up access and also more and more of the users in a short time. For example chat rooms and share facilities information through social networking site On August 29, 2008, the social networking site Facebook is increasingly popular. The management announced that the service user networking site Facebook has been through 100 million. A year later on 20 September 2009, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is proud to announce the number of Facebook users had exceeded 200 million, and on September 18, 2009, the United States Citizens who enroll in Facebook has reached 90 million users.

Back again to the problem of adolescent sexuality in Indonesia. In BKKBN online on January 22, 2010, the youth in Indonesia now have the courage to explore the sexuality.Based on data from the National Family Planning Coordinating Board (BKKBN online) the period of late December 2008 showed that 63% of teenagers in big cities in Indonesia have premarital sex, and the most believe that their sexual relationship did not make to pregnancy.

Dr. Boy Abidin, who practiced in SpOG Hospital Partners Kelapa Gading, Jakarta, also has a data of teen pregnancy in Indonesia. The results were startling, look figure 1. Approximately 3.2% of girls get pregnant out of wedlock because of being raped, 12.9% pregnant out of wedlock because on the basis of sex are equally willing, 45.2% pregnant out of wedlock, unexpectedly when they would get pregnant and 22.6 % lead-free sex.


Figure 1. The Cases of Teens Pregnant in Indonesia

Source: Boy Abidin in

The data makes us his chest that happens because the lack of knowledge about reproductive health and communicable diseases caused as a result of these free sex. Sex sometimes becomes taboo to talk about. However, its impact can be disastrous. The teens were choosing to find out for theyself, even they have sex without knowing the consequences that must be borne in the future.(source:

The phenomenon of adolescent behavior in dating are packed into the facts in reporting by journalists on-line media from the period of 2009-2010 in Noegroho (2010a) are presented in Table 1,

Table 1. List of The Online News About Adolescent and Sexuality in Indonesia Period 2009-2010

No Title Time Source


Kasus pernikahan di bawah umur atau pernikahan dini di Purwokerto menunjukan angka peningkatan

08 Juli 2009 TEMPO Interaktif
2 Foto Bugil Siswi SMP di Palembang beredar via Handphone 4 Februari 2009 Sriwijaya Post – 3/2/2009 in  Heboh.Mampir.Net™
3 Video Mesum Siswi SMP di Palu Hebohkan Warga 15 Desember 2009 Palu (ANTARA News)
4 Puluhan Warnet di Purwokerto Jadi Tempat Mesum 03 Desember 2009 Republika Newsroom


Siswa Mesum di Hotel, Dipergoki Ayah Sedang Bugil

14 Nov 2009


63% Siswa SLTP Sudah Berhubungan Seks

7 Januari 2009
7 25% Siswa SMU Sudah Berhubungan Seks
8 Hot! Lulus Unas, 9 Siswa Pesta Seks 17 Juni 2009
9 Seks.Dulu..Lalu.Tidak.Ikut.UN 27 April 2009
10 Tinggi, Angka Pernikahan Dini di Malang 10 February 2009 BKKBN-online
11 Kondom Bukan Pembenaran Seks Bebas

22 Januari 2009 Sumber: Media Indonesia Online


Video Siswi SMP Mesum Beredar Luas

Diakses 2010


Berzina Direndam Setengah Bugil

24 Januari 2010
14 Siswa SMP Tertangkap di Kamar Mandi Berhubungan Seks 12 Januari 2010 http://www.suaramerdeka. com
15 Siswi kelas II Sekolah Menengah Atas Negeri (SMAN) melahirkan di sekolah 26 Februari 2010 http://www.suaramerdeka. com
16 Siswi SMA Negeri 12 Surabaya melahirkan di sebuah kamar mandi sekolah 17 Juli 2010

Source: Noegroho (2010a)

Turns out to data, there are many cases and shows at a level that can be called worrisome. Facts and data that most teenagers are sexually active, high rates of teenage pregnancy, increasing numbers request dispensation to marry in children under age, many babies are born from the womb of a teenager, and many other cases relating to abortion, the baby is born prematurely , and the infant mortality rate, are the problem facing not only Indonesia, but also the countries in the world today. Therefore, sufficient information about sex education and reproductive health need to be provided to youth.

A wide variety of activities have been organized by various organization within the framework of counseling on reproductive health of adolescents in many cities in Indonesia, both initiatives from government agencies, non government, or at the initiative of the community with the health educators in the field. The purpose of including adolescent reproductive health education to provide knowledge to the youth about the health of reproductive organs and behavior of adolescents in order to avoid  of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy  before marriage.

Linkages and communication technology advances in Indonesia adolescent sexuality issues, underlying the writer thought to reveal any further focus of the issue: how much the use of communication technology by the competent organization in Indonesia to disseminating information and counseling about reproductive health for adolescents?


            Now the communications technology has been successfully integrate between telecommunications technology, information technology and multimedia technology, we often called telematics technology. The variative of new service to get information because it is supported telecommunications technologies become a necessity. The new service is essentially aimed at fulfilling the human need for the information presented in various forms. Because of humans encode and decode the information using the senses (eyes, nose, ears, mouth and skin), then we attempt to present information services in the form of pictures, graphics, text, sound.

The development of communication technologies such as the cyber world of internet for every nation in the world have no other option to avoid the brunt of flow the information. Including the reproductive health for adolescents of information sources other parts of the world . Utilization of communication technologies are rightly used to follow the times and the need for dissemination of information relating to reproductive health for adolescents.

Several agencies of various government and non government also aggressively disseminating reproductive health messages through the site on the internet, the following website address which can be accessed in table 2:

Table 2. Website Address of Reproductive Health in Indonesia

Source: Noegroho 2011

A wide variety of forms of address for the site menu offered by the various organization in the context of counseling on reproductive health of adolescents in the cyber world, both initiatives of government and non government agencies. The category of interactivity, all of the sites already serving interactive  reproductive  health  consultations  via  electronic  mail or e-mail and provide adolescent reproductive health consultations through an interactive discussion forum on the internet. The goal of adolescent reproductive health education is the same ie to provide knowledge to the youth about the health of reproductive organs and behavior of adolescents in order to strengthen avoid of sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy before marriage.

Chance to adolescent reproductive health counseling via the internet medium can be described as follows:

– Internet in Indonesia is now easier and cheaper

– Now mobile internet equipped web browsing

– Internet is accessible anytime and anywhere

– Internet users in Indonesia in 2011 reached 39.1 million people (world ranking 8) and 24,195,080 people (61.88%) access via mobile phones ( on

– Research conducted by TNS Indonesia and Yahoo! Indonesia delivered in a press conference at Le Meridien Hotel, Jakarta, Friday (20/3/2009). Mentioned that one of three urban residents in Indonesia to access the internet. Adolescents aged 15-19 years are 64% of internet users in Indonesia. See figure 2.

Figure 2. The Age of Internet Users In Indonesia

  This survey also said the dominance of the use of online services is on the e-mail (59%), instant messaging (59%) and social networking (58%). In addition, using search engines (56%), access news online (47%), write blogs (36%) as well as play games online (35%). See figure 3.

Figure 3. Tipe of Use the Online Service by Internet Users In Indonesia

– in Indonesia there are many sites that provide information about adolescent reproductive health in a positive and responsible

The obstacles to adolescent reproductive health counseling via the internet medium can be described as follows:

– Knowledge to address of adolescent reproductive health sites on the internet

– The willingness of adolescents to access information and consultation on reproductive health of adolescents through the Internet

– Reproductive health of adolescents is more oriented only to sex

– The internet is used for teen sexual exploration by accessing pornographic pictures or videos

– Reproductive health is a very privacy for teens, so many of them to choose teachers or medical personnel to consult the reproductive health, in order to guarantee confidentiality than through the Internet media.


            Observing the number of cases that occur in adolescents and sexual behaviors that lead to a negative, in fact many factors that influence it: such as limited access to information and reproductive health services for adolescents are not comparable to the type of reproductive health risks that must be faced by teenagers such as unwanted pregnancies ( Kehamilan Tidak Dikehendaki), abortion (abortion), sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), and sexual violence. Choices and decisions taken by a teenager is very dependent on the mental toughness, that they have to talk “not for sex before merriage” as well as the availability of reproductive health services and policies that are specific to them, either formally or informally situation.

As a first step of prevention, are expected to educate that even the various media has a role in enhancing the knowledge of adolescents about reproductive health, it must be supported with communication, information and education (CIE) is a firm about the causes and consequences of sexual behavior, what to do and the service who are willing to help if there has been an unwanted pregnancy or contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Therefore the use of media in the cyber world are expected to more than just providing reproductive health information and also campaigned for the need for adolescent reproductive health with the slogan “Say No to ML (Making Love)” or “Say No to Sex Before Merriage” and personal counseling by person either via the internet connectivity in mobile phones and computers. The problem is the adolescent’s interest to or willingness to use of existing sites to provide adequate information about reproductive health through the internet. Assume that the tendency of adolescents reproductive health is a very privacy, they more prefer to choose the teachers and the medical personnel to consult in order to guarantee confidentiality than through the Internet media.



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